I have published 15 peer-reviewed articles, which have been cited more than 800 times according to Google Scholar. My h-index is 12. I have over 40 verified peer-reviews on Web of Science, including for Nature, Science Advances, Geophysical Research Letters, Environmental Research Letters, and Journal of Climate.


Uncertainties in future climate

Atmospheric blocking and temperature extremes



  • Horat, N. (2021): Why does interannual precipitation variability change in a warming climate? - spatial structure and underlying mechanisms (Master’s thesis; co-supervision with Flavio Lehner)
  • Gimmi, L. (2020): Assessing climate model uncertainties – an encounter with CMIP6 (Bachelor thesis)
  • Hirsig, A. (2019): Changes in northern hemisphere blocking occurrence under 2×CO2 based on CESM (Bachelor thesis)