Supervision and Teaching


I am happy to supervise bachelor and master theses on topics related to

  • temperature extremes,
  • atmospheric blocking,
  • future climate model projections and their uncertainties and,
  • machine learning for climate sciences.

If you consider writing a thesis with me please have a look at my supervision approach (PDF). Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss potential topics or if you have any questions.

Open topics

See here for a list of open topics and a short description.

Ongoing supervision

  • Work on explainable machine learning to separate climate models and observations (master’s thesis)
  • Work on changes in cooling and heating degree days in Canada under climate change (master’s thesis)

Scientific writing guide for students

Since I see many of my students struggling with similar things when writing their thesis, I’ve started to compile a document with some guidelines for scientific writing. It draws on my own experience as well as on several other grey literature sources (e.g., here, here, and here ). The guide is by no means comprehensive or finished but I provide it here in the hope it might be helpful to some. If you have any feedback or suggestions for changes or additions feel free to reach out.

Thesis guidelines (PDF)

Finished theses

  • Changes in heatwave properties under climate change (master’s thesis)
  • Extracting forced signals of climate change from daily temperature patterns across scales with CESM2 (bachelor thesis)
  • Analyse eines Fehlers in der Definition der Hitzemetrik Cumulative Heat (bachelor thesis)
  • Interannual to decadal precipitation variability in a warming climate: spatial structure and underlying mechanisms (master’s thesis; co-supervision)
  • Assessing climate model uncertainties – an encounter with CMIP6 (bachelor thesis)
  • Changes in northern hemisphere blocking occurrence under 2×CO2 based on CESM (bachelor thesis)


Courses in the summer semester 2024 (Universiät Hamburg)

  • Weather and Climate Extremes, seminar together with Jana Sillmann and Benjamin Poschold
  • Climate Modeling, seminar together with Leonard Borchert, Christopher Kadow and Simon Lentz

Earlier courses